Simple ways to increase the intensity of your workouts & achieve better results!

  1. Engage your core: This is a term often used and means to “contract your abdominal muscles.” Basically, try squeezing your abdominal muscles so that it feels like your stomach goes in slightly, it should also feel like you are trying to stop yourself from peeing. By doing this movement, you are contracting another muscle group or at least intensifying the degree to which you are utilising them.


  1. Know your ‘levels’ of your exercises: Most exercises have degrees of difficulty. For example, a push-up could be broken down as:
    Beginner push-ups (knees on the ground)
    2. Standard push-ups
    3. Alternating push-ups
    4. In and out push-ups
    5. One hand push-ups

    By knowing the alternatives, you can easily continue doing an exercise at a lower intensity or make a workout more challenging if you’re finding it easy.


  1. Add more weight to your workouts: If you are doing body weight exercises, try adding some free weights where appropriate. For example: add hand weights or resistance bands while you lunge. If you are doing exercises that require weight in any form already, whether by machine or free weights, try increasing the weight (where appropriate). Remember to increase slowly and be careful to remain in good form to avoid injuries from occurring.


  1. Try to increase the number of repetitions within your time limit. For example, if you’re doing interval training for example, try to increase how many jump squats you can do in the time limit. This can increase your heart rate and the number of calories burned.


  1. Set your focus: sometimes the only thing stopping you from achieving a more intense workout is your mindset! Stop thinking “I can’t do it” and challenge yourself to see how far you really can go.


Hope this helps & best of luck!



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