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Plenty Gorge Mountain Bike Trails

Plenty Gorge is a place synonymous with hiking and wonderful bush scenery, located a stone’s throw away from the CBD in Bundoora!

However, a lesser known fact about the National Park is that it’s home to many wonderful mountain bike trails, ranging from extreme downhill gauntlets, to casual, lazy cruises. Some of the more difficult trails include technical features such as river crossings and wooden planks traversing vertigo inducing gullies and drops. These extreme trails come with a warning for the less experienced, as large drops, rock obstacles and unstable trails can cause a lot of trouble.

One downside to the park is that mountain bike trail maps are not readily available and paths can sometimes be hard to find. The easiest way to navigate the park is to use the Trailforks app, which provides a map of the trails, tracks your position using GPS and provides elevation profiles to help avoid too many hill climbs! Be warned, that phone reception is often lacking, so make sure maps are downloaded for offline use and never go beyond your ability as getting help can be a problem.

At the end of a tough day riding, make sure you’ve packed your swimming gear as a refreshing dip in the Blue Lake will pick energy levels up for the ride home.

 By Shahiru Fernando


White Mojo Specialty Coffee & Roaster

Nestled on the famous Hardware street (which may as well be called Brunch street), White 

Mojo is a bright and airy brunch hotspot with an Asian influenced menu.


While the prices may be towards the upper end of the spectrum, the dishes are well-

portioned, colourful and screaming with flavour. I can personally recommend the “Big Mac”

which in fact is nothing like it’s fast food moniker, and the “Ancient Grain Salad” which is the

perfect dish for someone wanting enter the realm of salad eating as a main.


The wait staff at White Mojo are attentive and efficient, and service is prompt and clean.

However, the only downside to White Mojo would be its ambience. Even though the

interior is fresh and Scandinavian, the small size makes for an extremely loud brunch. Try

having a conversation at your table, and you may very well struggle to hear.


Overall, the food at White Mojo is delicious and so warrants a second chance. Hopefully

during off peak times, a more comfortable ambience will prove White Mojo to be a clear

winner in the brunch game.

Address: 115 Hardware St, Melbourne 3030

By Manasha Kumarasiri

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