Gami Chicken Review

If you’ve ever needed to satisfy an insatiable hunger in Melbourne’s CBD, look no further than the ever popular Gami Chicken! With three locations in the city, you should be covered no matter where you’re located. Gami Chicken serves an eclectic array of Korean cuisine including kimchi pancakes, seafood soup and their signature dish, Korean-style fried chicken, and much more.…

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Personal Growth

Fixed and Growth Mindsets

by Carolyn Let’s talk belief systems; and not what you’re already thinking. I am talking in relation to mindsets. What you believe you’re capable of will determine how much effort, strength and time you’ll put into achieving a goal and aiming for the result that you want. For example, if I aim to run a 100km race (ok I’ll admit…

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Poetry and Prose

A Rambling Self-Portrait

                My skin is as bumpy as the road I drive everyday, Every pothole is an earthquake And I keep buying things that pretty girls online tell me to. I have a clutter-corner in the bathroom of brands and pumping-nozzles And I forget to use them. I shower at least every day But…

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Fashion and Beauty

Get ready quick! (A guide for the lazy)

BEAUTY How often do you find yourself running around in the morning, scrambling to get ready for the day? Do you find yourself desperate not to be late, but also trying not to look like a zombie coming back from the dead? Well join the club! Being a lover of sleep myself, I unfortunately seem to always end up sleeping…

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Health and Wellbeing

How to find the right career path for you

With VCE nearing and many of you deciding on your preferences for university next year, we thought it would be great to learn a bit about the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’. In Japanese, the word Ikigai means the ‘reason for being’ or ‘the realisation of what one expects and hopes for’ and everyone is thought to have such a reason…

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Agony Aunts

Sleep, exercise and study…

Dear Agony Aunts, It’s already a few weeks into semester and I’m finding it really hard to concentrate. I’ve also been feeling quite tired during class and I’m getting headaches as well. My doctor told me that I’m just not getting enough sleep and exercise, but it’s so difficult to fit everything in. What should I do? ‘Overwhelmed’   Hi…

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Opinions and Reflections

‘Woman’ as an Insult

It’s 6PM on a Saturday night and I am walking through Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station. As men and women dressed in suits, and children in skinny jeans and Converses sprint for the train that is about to depart from platform five, my friend nudges me. “Look at her” she says, pointing towards a girl wearing a black leather skirt that…

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Agony Aunts

Managing University Life

Hi Agony Aunts, I just got my results for semester one of my first year of uni. I’m happy with my results but I feel as though they could’ve been better. Also, the year has gone by so fast and I haven’t been able to catch up with my friends and family as much as I’d like. How should I…

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Creative Writing

Something about the Rain

by Sean Barredo I smell the rain falling on soil that’s been dry for far too long. I hear it falling upon the leaves in the trees, slowly at first; gentle. I see how it changes the way the world looks, from the sun being ever present in the corner of your eye, to it shying away behind the growing…

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 by Carolyn  Hello! With spring around the corner, your excuse to avoid exercise because it’s “freezing!” will no longer be valid. Sorry! A great way to spring back into step is by: running! Now before you complain and flick the page I suggest you continue reading– this is coming from someone who used to be repelled by the idea of…

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