HIIT Part Two


We’ll continue to dive deeper into high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts following on from last month’s HIIT article. If you haven’t had read the previous article I highly recommend that you do to fully understand this type of training!

An example HIIT exercise that you could use is mentioned in the following. Here I will also explain how to perform each exercise to achieve the best results!


Repeat each exercise for 30 seconds with no / minimal breaks in-between. Have a 30 second break in between each circuit if needed. Try to repeat this circuit as many times as possible, optimally 5 times for an intense ab workout!

1. Russian twists: Sit balanced on your tailbone, with your legs raised and knees bent. Keep your torso upright and twist it side to side.
2. In-out plank: In plank position, keep your torso level and move your feet (one at a time) by keeping your legs straight and stepping them out and then back together with the other foot.
3. Star crunches: Lying on your back with your legs raised and as straight as possible, open them as you lift your upper body towards your legs to provide a “crunch” exercise.
4. Raised leg crunches: Similar to star crunches, however your legs stay together in the raised position

Remember that this HIIT workout doesn’t need to be done in a gym! You can do it anywhere you feel comfortable, which makes it quick and convenient.

All the best!


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