Catch a bite to eat in Carlton this Spring!

Heading down to Carlton? While you’re there, make sure to check out these great places to grab a bite, reviewed for you by yours truly, the Cultured Kings! “Stay Hungry, Be Humble”  by Manasha Kumarasiri If you’re after Instagram worthy food and a cosy ambience, Humble Rays should be the next stop on your Melbourne brunch venture. Located only a…

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Opinions and Reflections

‘Straya Day

by Sheruni Fernando           For many, the 26th of January is marked by the lingering smell of barbecued sausages, lengthy backyard conversations and the frantic waving of our national flag in a proud bid to celebrate all things ‘Aussie’. But, as we yell at cousin John for smashing the last tennis ball for ‘six and out’ over…

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HIIT Part One

by Carolyn Hello all! So today I thought I would introduce you to HIIT workouts – heard of them before? If not, let me explain! HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” Put simply: this workout is about short intervals of maximum effort exercises with short breaks between each exercise. High intensity (cardio) means your heart rate is increased to…

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Creative Writing

Drew and Ashley

by Sean Barredo “Can we do something? I’m already bored.” Ashley’s legs splayed in the air, as she scrolled through her phone, lying on her stomach on my bed. Her orange curls long enough that they touched the sheets. “I dunno. Weather looks good. Maybe we should go down to the river, go on a walk.” I was sitting in…

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Health and Wellbeing

The Silent Killer

by Amanda De Vas Gunawardena and Umega Wijetunga High blood pressure (BP) is most famously referred to by doctors as a “silent killer”; a condition with no visible symptoms. What is worse is that the cause is still a mystery and people are unknowingly increasing their risk of having clogged heart valves and therefore, also being more at risk of…

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