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Mirror, a space for reflection of self what you see is what you are and what you are is what you see. The focus is on the individual’s vision of the world and is made by the nature of the individual. Magazine is a forum to improve oneself when you are better, what you see in the world is better. The power of the collective human understanding to bring contentedness to each individual. We can change through the example of other people’s work and endeavour and then go on to change in a small the world around us.

Kadapatha Mission – From Ecstasy to Wisdom

Kadapatha Vision – Meaningful and content life for Sri Lankan migrants in Australia

We believe the history of migration could run to the beginning of mankind. Ancient people migrated from one place to another with sticks and stones for better food and climate. Today instead of Stone Age weapons we carry our degrees and diplomas when migrating to another country for a better life. In fact we don’t think that there is a difference in intention when migrating, whether it happened in the Stone Age or the space age. But if a migrant doesn’t understand his starting blocks and can’t see his finish line correctly, the chances are less sure for his dreams to come true.

As such we work hard for the sake of the Sri Lankan migrant’s wellbeing, benefit and contentedness life in Australia. We admire any natural, artistic and creative endeavour  regardless of its origin. And again we admire all wonderful men and women who made this world so beautiful. We believe that knowledge and understanding are the foundation for a content and productive life. More than anything we would like to speak to our reader’s hearts.

We hope Kadapatha will help to brighten our minds and lives in all aspects. Kadapatha is your family magazine. And she will definitely lead to a beautiful, positive conversation among your family members very soon.

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